Learn to keep goats with Lizzie Dyer Just Kidding Cotwold Kid Meat
Learn to keep goats with Lizzie Dyer Just Kidding Cotwold Kid Meat Learn to keep goats with Lizzie Dyer Just Kidding Cotwold Kid Meat Learn to keep goats with Lizzie Dyer Just Kidding Cotwold Kid Meat

Course Agenda

Arrive and welcome

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee before getting started.

The Essentials
Look at the practical considerations of owning goats: from breeds to the amount of land, type of shelter and fencing needed. How to get your CPH number, complete a movement licence and learn about the ear tagging rules.
Getting hands on with the goats
Get outside to meet our goats in the smallholding paddocks.
Enjoy a delicious farm lunch in the barn.
Common health problems
Learn how a healthy goat should behave and what the key signs are to look out for when they're off colour. Learn about the common illnesses like worms and lameness and how to prevent and treat them.
Course closes
Finish the day with a cup of tea, slice of cake and the opportunity to ask any more questions.

Goats for Beginners

Saturday 19th May 2018
Saturday 18th Aug 2018
Saturday 13th Oct 2018

Goats for Beginners is perfect for you whether you’re thinking about goats or just fancy spending a day on the farm getting to know these intelligent and friendly animals.

In this hands-on day you will:
  • Find out how much land you’ll need and the type of shelter you will need to provide.
  • Learn about different breeds of goats  and their unique characteristics!
  • Cover administrative essentials: including getting your CPH number,  completing movement licences and ear tagging rules.
  • Learn how to feed, handle, and fence your goats, as well as understand the essential welfare needs of a goat.
  • Learn how to spot common problems and how to treat them.
This course is very practical and will have lots of hands-on time with our goats. At the end of the day we hope you’ll leave with the confidence and enthusiasm to keep your own goats.
Lizzie Dyer set up Just Kidding, a free-range kid goat farm from scratch. She’ll share her experiences and guide you on your way to owning your own goats.
Lizzie Dyer is teaching Goats for Beginners at Humble by Nature

Lizzie Dyer set up Just Kidding in 2013. She rears about 500 free-range Billy Kids a year, aiming to produce a sustainable and quality meat without compromise.

What to bring and other essential info

This is a hands-on course both indoors and out in the fields so bring clothes that are weather-proof and that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty! You will be able to handle the animals as much or as little as you would like.


If you or your partner are pregnant please read the advice from the NHS about lambing and kidding before booking your course. We kid from February to April.

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