Make Chocolate Truffles at Humble by Nature

Make Chocolate Truffles

Saturday 17th Mar 2018

Make delicious Marc de Champagne truffles in this special chocolate making workshop. 

You will be guided through some of the basic skills of a chocolatier in a way that can be used at home. Learn how chocolate is tempered, how to make a smooth ganache, roll ganache, dip truffles and how to achieve that professional looking finish. At the end, you will have plenty of chocolate to take home and share with a loved one or just eat on your own!

During this course you will:

  • See a demonstration and learn how chocolate is tempered.
  • Sample cocoa beans and single origin chocolate.
  • Learn how to make a velvety smooth infused ganache.
  • Make your own chocolate discs on sugar transfers and decorate with nuts, seeds and other goodies.
  • Hand roll and also pipe ganache into truffle shell.
  • Dip truffles in tempered chocolate.
  • Learn how to finish and decorate truffles using a variety of techniques.
  • Package your artisan truffles in a variety of ways ready to take home.

You will work in pairs and individually under the guidance of Chocolatier Suzanne Coles, of ‘kokoblas chocolates’, using predominantly fine dark Belgian chocolate from sustainably sourced cocoa. You will make three different types of truffle including Marc de Champagne. These truffles contain only fresh ingredients without additives or preservatives, therefore they will be best enjoyed within 3 weeks of making.

Kokoblas Chocolates teach chocolate making workshops at Kate Humble's farm Humble by Nature in S Wales

Suzanne's mission is to hand-make fine and very delicious chocolates in small quantities for people to enjoy and encourage others to do the same.

What to bring and other essential info

Mother’s Day Chocolate Making runs from 10am until 12.30pm.

You’ll be using fresh ingredients without additives or preservatives, so these truffles will be best enjoyed within 3 weeks of making.
Please note that this course may not be suitable for specific dietary requirements. Please contact us to discuss any dietary requirements before booking.

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