Learn how to butcher lamb at Humble by Nature Kate Humble's farm

Course Agenda

Arrive and welcome

Start the day with a cup of tea or coffee before getting down to work

Understanding butchery and different cuts of meat

Learn about different cuts of meat and identify them across pork, lamb and beef

Essential knife skills

Learn how to use your butchery knife safely and keep it sharp

Butcher a pork belly

Starting with a boned pork belly, learn to bone, roll and tie a joint


Enjoy a delicious farm lunch

Butcher half a lamb

Butcher and break down half a lamb, reared on the Humble by Nature farm

Course closes

Enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake and ask any more questions you may have

Learn How to Butcher a Lamb

Sunday 23rd Sep 2018

This hands-on butchery course is great for home cooks, smallholders and anyone who wants to improve their home butchery skills.

Start the day learning about different cuts of meat: what they’re called, where you find them on a lamb carcass, and the best ways to cook them.
You'll learn essential knife skills for butchery, including how to use your knife safely and keep it sharp. Then you’ll get to work learning how to butcher half a lamb.
You'll break your half lamb down into larger primal cuts and then into smaller, more manageable joints. You'll learn how to de-bone, roll and tie joints and perpare French trimmed racks. Reared on the Humble by Nature farm, the lamb will be free-range and grass fed.
At the end of the day you’ll go home with your butchered half lamb, meat worth £60. 
Due to the hands-on nature of this butchery course it will be strictly limited to 6 people.
Pam Thompson Charcutier Ltd. Humble by Nature

Pam has been teaching butchery since 2007 and cheese making since 2011. She's Technical Manager at Charcutier Ltd., a small, family run speciality meats business based on-farm in the Gwendraeth Valley in West Wales.

What to bring and other essential info

You’ll go home with your butchered half lamb at the end of the day, worth £60. 
You’ll need to bring a cool box or bag with you that is big enough to take this amount of meat home (equivalent to 2 drawers if a standard domestic freezer). If you don’t have a cool box or bag we can provide an insulated box at an additional cost of £7.50. We will provide frozen ice blocks to help keep your meat cool until you get home.
We’d suggest checking you have space in your freezer to store some of the meat you’ll be taking home.

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