Learn Wild Food Foraging with Liz Knight of Forage Fine Foods at Kate Humble's farm Humble by Nature in Monmouth South Wales
Learn Wild Food Foraging with Liz Knight of Forage Fine Foods at Kate Humble's farm Humble by Nature in Monmouth South Wales Learn Wild Food Foraging with Liz Knight of Forage Fine Foods at Kate Humble's farm Humble by Nature in Monmouth South Wales Learn Wild Food Foraging with Liz Knight of Forage Fine Foods at Kate Humble's farm Humble by Nature in Monmouth South Wales

Course Agenda

Arrive & welcome

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while Liz introduces foraging and what you're going to do today.

Grab your wellies and head outdoors

Liz will take you on a guided forage along the lanes and fields around the farm. She’ll share her passion and enthusiasm while you gather hedgerow treats.

Back to the barn

You’ll head back to the barn with your gathered treasure and will work together to make a delicious lunch with your finds.


Enjoy a delicious farm lunch back in the barn. Share recipe ideas, get to know your fellow course members and enjoy some great local food.

Get hands-on making delicious recipes

Liz will show you how to make more delicious treats. Whether it’s cordials, preserves or even hedgerow liquers we know it will be even tastier when it’s your own work!

Course closes

We’ll finish the day with a cup of tea, slice of cake and the opportunity to ask any further questions.

Foraging: A Wild Taste of the Hedgerow

Saturday 28th Apr 2018
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Saturday 16th Jun 2018
Discover how to make delicious food from ingredients on your doorstep with forager Liz Knight.

Liz will share her knowledge and enthusiasm and you're guaranteed to never look at a hedgerow, flower bed or patch of weeds in quite the same way! 

These courses start with a guided forage in the fields and along the hedgerows around the farm. You'll find plenty of delicious ingredients which you'll bring back to the barn and make into Liz's fantastic, seasonal recipes.

Whichever course you come on with Liz, you're sure to leave with plenty of ideas and lots of fantastic treats that are easy to recreate at home.

There might be nothing in the veg patch at this time of year but there are plenty of delicious wild treats in the fields and hedgerows. Spring brings delicious new shoots and buds provide a wonder of zingy fresh flavour. Learn how to tap and drink from Birch trees and make delicious puddings, preserves and syrups from leaves and buds like the Rowan or Bramble.
Liz will show you how to plan ahead with your foraging to ensure you capture spring and summer at their best. Even if it still feels like winter outside there will be plenty of new shoots and amazing flavours to discover. 
Early summer is the time for nectar filled flowers, green seeds and flower buds as well as the last of Spring’s herby shooting greens. From the sweetest violet to the slightly spicy nasturtium, there are endless ways to eat flowers. Later in the season you’ll find Honeysuckle and Tarragon sorbet, Oxeye Daisy raita or salsa verde.
The preserving year starts here so bring your basket and be prepared to return home with plenty of ideas about how to transform your summer bounty and make your house smell of a wild heaven!
Discover how best to preserve the last of the summer's fruits and flowers and hold on to a bit of sunshine in your store cupboard throughout the winter.
As we move towards autumn you'll discover wonderful seasonal treats, like crab apples and rosehips, cobnuts and orchard fruit. Learn how they can be turned into the most wonderful pickles, preserves, fruit butters and sweetmeats. Liz will show you how to make Hedgerow Vodka recipe - perfect for Christmas - or rosehip syrup, delicious with ice-cream or added to a little glass of fizz!
Liz Knight Food Foraging course leader at Humble by Nature

Liz Knight spent her childhood face down amongst the grass looking for bugs, making concoctions from petals, weeds and of course mud. When she was at school she constantly dreamt of being outside eating.

What to bring and other essential info

Don’t forget your wellies and get ready to catch Liz’s infectious bug for foraging! Foraging is dictated by the hedgerow so the recipes you make will be led by the season and what is growing best.


If you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please don't forget to let us know.

Reviews & Tweets about this course

Thanks for an amazing day foraging, I really loved it and my visit, and lunch! Liz was brilliant.


Liz was inspirational. A lifetime of foraging awaits! I had a lovely day and am already planning to come back.


I'm sitting here with a wild gin & tonic! What better way is there to end a course? Thank you. As always fantastic!


What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I never knew you could find so much amazing food foraging.

Leigh, Kate and Ross

This day has given me the inspiration to go out and forage more than the odd blackberry crumble.


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