Raku pottery at Humble by Nature Raku pottery at Humble by Nature

Course Agenda

Arrive and welcome

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as Tez talks you through the Japanese technique of Raku.

Glazing the pots

Glaze your pot using a variety of colourful glazes.

Firing the pots

Learn how kilns work and how you can make one at home before placing your pot in the kiln to fire.

Cleaning and finishing the pots

Carefully remove your pot from the kiln, cool it down and then clean it up to reveal stunning colours and patterns.

Course closes

An opportunity to ask any further questions.

Raku Pottery

Saturday 31st Mar 2018

If you've been inspired by the Great Pottery Throwdown to try ceramics take a look at this Raku Pottery workshop.

Working with the elements of fire, water and earth you'll explore the Japanese pottery technique called Raku. Loosely translated Raku can mean enjoyment, pleasure, comfort, happiness and contentment. This low firing technique is connected to a rich cultural and spiritual heritage where there is still much to be discovered, experienced and shared. 

You'll start by glazing pots using wonderful and colourful glazes. Then you'll find out how to make your own kiln and place your own pot into the kiln to fire. When the pots are ready to be removed from the kiln you'll learn how to take them out safely before dunking them in water. The stunning raku effects will be revealed as you take the pots out of the water and clean them up. 

At the end of the session you'll take your beautiful raku pot home with you.

Tez Roberts pizza oven building at Humble by Nature in Monmouth South Wales

Tez is an experienced ceramicist. When not in her studio, she builds clay kilns and pizza ovens.

What to bring and other essential info

This course runs from 10am until 12.30pm. 


We'll provide all the equipment and materials for this course and you will take your pot home at the end of the session. 


This course will take place under cover outdoors, we'd suggest wearing layers.

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