Graham Waddington Course Tutor in Charcuterie at Humble by Nature
Graham Waddington tutor at Humble by Nature with a selection of his Charcuterie Graham Waddington teaching a Charcuterie course at Humble by Nature chorizo made on the charcuterie course with Graham Waddington at Humble by Nature

Graham Waddington

Graham owns and co-runs Native Breeds, a small artisan charcuterie in Gloucestershire. He is one of the few specialists in Britain who are expert in the curing, fermenting and air-drying of meat.

Graham had an extensive apprenticeship in Spain, Germany and Sardinia working with some of Europe's finest ham and salami makers. As a result he is an expert in traditional and contemporary charcuterie practices from Britain and Europe and can produce a repertoire of charcuterie including air dried hams, salami, cooked specialities (such as Kassler, Cotechino), smoked delicacies, savoury puddings and confit. He also runs training courses and consultancy for chefs, caterers and charcuterie/food enthusiasts alike.