Projects at Humble By Nature

I’ve looked everywhere for a range of products that are natural and biodegradable, but, just as importantly, look, smell and feel wonderful to use. I drew a blank so I decided to develop a range of products myself.

Aquaponics UK are helping us create sustainable food growing techniques using aquaculture, farming fish, and hydroponics creating a hugely productive and efficient farming system with few inputs and many, high value outputs. In a nutshell we grow fish and recycle the nutrient rich water into soiless vegetable production cleaning the water in the process so it can be constantly reused.

When we started thinking about what we could do with the muddy patch of ground between the Long Barn and the Byre Kate came up with the idea of having an edible garden. Luckily we are surrounded with many talented people in the Wye Valley and we soon heard about Beca Beeby of Bwca Edible Gardens.

Animals for sale

We often have a variety of live farm animals for sale, including pigs, goats and poultry including quail. 

Currently we have the following available:

- Berkshire weaner pigs for sale at £75 each

- Boer and Anglo-Nubian cross goats at £50 each

- Quail at £5 a head 


Pig Club