Mitsubishi Motors

Marking a remarkable 40 years of outstanding performance and ground-breaking engineering, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK (MMUK) has a very big birthday to celebrate. Originally created as The Colt Car Company Ltd in 1974, the newly-born UK distribution arm was formed by Mitsubishi Corporation and the Colt Automotive Ltd as part of a global expansion plan.

It may be a company with a relatively short history in the UK compared with other car manufacturers but it's been a rich four decades full of innovative technology and memorable vehicles. Mitsubishi Motors in the UK is a brand best known for its 4x4s and performance vehicles, but the company is rapidly moving towards a new reputation of leading the way in environmental technologies with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation setting itself an ambitious target of having 80% of their vehicle line-up as plug-in or hybrid drivetrain by 2020.

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK was the fastest-growing mainstream car brand in the UK in 2013 and has high hopes for the next four decades.